Scribophile is a website where writers can post their writing and get real, constructive feedback. There are also forums to discuss the craft of writing with other dedicated writers. Scribophile values genuinely constructive and detailed critiques. The “karma” system enforces a culture of giving critiques to get them, but each posted work is guaranteed to receive at minimum 3 critiques of at least 125 words each. It operates on a freemium pricing model, meaning it is free to join, albeit with limited functionality.

The Ubergroup is a private group hosted on Scribophile, meaning admittance is by application only. As writers, we focus on accountability and teamwork. We’ve been described as over-achievers and workaholics. We value the ability to meet deadlines almost as much as we emphasize the importance of setting reasonable, attainable goals — and communicating them accurately. A dedicated team of team captains and moderators ensure that teams are suitably matched in pace and personality, and that the quality of feedback remains top-notch, in terms of both tone and usefulness.