Send Jerry Quinn a message on Scribophile with your genre, preferred working speed, CUBA goals, critique tone and elevator pitch to be added to the wait-list for the next cycle. 

Applications are always welcome in any genre, age bracket, or style, but there is usually a wait, as general placement is on a space-available basis according to the following process:

When the requests thread goes up in week 5, every captain will post a master list of requests in a single post. Priority goes to placing existing Ubergroup members, and in-house shuffling occurs during this week.

Additionally, Jerry sorts through applications during weeks 5&6. If your application is formatted correctly and contains the necessary information, explanations for which are available on this website, this is when you will receive an acknowledgment that your application as been received. Relevant captains will then be given a copy of the application to disseminate to their teams. This is intentionally structured to resemble the real world publishing industry and should be taken as an opportunity to practice effective submissions etiquette: carefully checking guidelines before sending and exercising patience afterwards.

If the team requests cannot be filled by current Ubergroup members or the waitlist, Jerry will post an announcement on the main Scribophile forums explaining the open slot.

During week 6, new members are invited into the Ubergroup and helped to settle in, and encouraged to adjust their forum settings according to Ubergroup policy, so as to not spam the group feed.

We apologize if this is sometimes frustrating, but the Ubergroup must use an orderly system in order to have time left to deal with emergencies. Most of our time goes to resolving member issues and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Messages asking to jump the queue, rush the process of an application so that someone can get in early, or asking for reassurance will be ignored, just as any agent or editor would do if being sent follow-up emails after receiving a query.

Due to the volume of applications, we unfortunately will not be able to reply individually unless a spot is offered to you. Even if you are not placed immediately, you will be put on the waitlist for a future cycle. Several excellent general applications are received and waitlisted each cycle. There are typically far more applicants than there are open spots, so not everyone can be placed immediately.

New teams are formed according to interest and available captains, so please be patient and bear with us.