A captain is a self-starter who is inclined to organize and lead. You don’t need permission to become a captain, you need the independent ability to make decisions: such as what kind of team you’re going to lead, what cycle you’re going to do it, and how you would like to organize it. You need a dedication to the sucess of others. Any veteran member in good standing who has the independent motivation and desire to help organize and motivate others is qualified to be a captain, and need only come to me with the details of their team idea for refinement.

Being a veteran member in good standing means at least two cycles active on Ubergroup teams of any variety, with all obligations fulfilled on time and good relationships with your teammates. A big thing captains help with is answering questions from new members, so it really helps to have broad experience perspective and a thorough understanding of how the Ubergroup functions. A great way to get this is to read the stickies and bullitens, and join in some out-of-team crits and discussions.

Being a “Team Captain” consists of:

  1. Reading the stickied threads and bulletins and disseminating important information to your teammates, and fostering relevant discussions. Encouraging flagging teammates, fostering goodwill, and stirring the pot in the team discussion thread. Directing conversation and helping nudge participation in the general direction of the core principles of the Ubergroup.
  2. Being available to answer questions from your newer teammates. Of course, pass them on to a moderator or Jerry if you don’t know the answer, but 90% of questions are simple things any veteran member can answer. Any member is welcome to answer any question in any thread, including other teams, but it really helps to have a specific veteran member assigned to keep an eye on each batch of 4-5 newbies, so no one goes unnoticed if they are lost.
  3. Coordinating your team’s weekly submissions, keeping track of exceptional circumstances and generally fostering communication. You help track participation by knowing what is going on with each of your teammates in your reply to the weekly post each week. “???” “TBA”, or failure to mention a listed teammate are not valid answers. You are asked to make all reasonable attempts to contact missing teammates and mark them definitively MIA if they do not respond.
  4. Letting Jerry or the moderator know via PM if something seems to be amiss – one team member is not working out, someone is giving poor crits, a fight is brewing, etc. Team captains play good cop only, and DO NOT do any enforcing or breaking up of fights on their own.