Please remember that the most important thing in the Ubergroup is communication and agreement with your team. Almost any special arrangement can be made: you can swap teams, take weeks off, ask for different kinds of critique (or say ‘no thank you’ to a type of critique you don’t find helpful) or any number of things so long as you communicate with your team and gain their consensus.

We understand the things happen and sometimes you need a break, but we try to have some kind of pre-planning where we finish out six-week commitments and then take time off. Extenuating circumstances happen, if you feel yourself beginning to get overwhelmed, or need to bow out of upcoming commitments, please do so in advance, in an orderly fashion, with communication to the others involved.

Aside from (very rare) incidents of someone being purposely mean-spirited, almost all disagreements that crop up in the Ubergroup are¬†simple mis-communication and could have been avoided by being up-front about things. Someone feels hurt, attacked, or just not helped by a crit? Well… did you tell the person critting you that? Maybe ask them to focus on something else instead? Did the person critting remember to ask “is this the sort of thing you’re looking for? Otherwise I won’t harp on it.”

If you aren’t comfortable mentioning something like that, remember, that’s what your captains and mods are for! Tell your captain, or if they are involved, your mod (who is always a neutral party.) Most mods introduce themselves in the team thread, but if you don’t know, just post: Hey, who’s our mod? No one’s going to get “in trouble” just because there was a crit-style mismatch or someone wants to swap teams. If you hate the crits you’re getting or don’t find your team helpful, and yet fail to mention this to the mod team so we can fix it… well, you have no one to blame but yourself.