Trial member: All new applicants are given a trial membership their first cycle. You are evaluated in week five and given feedback, before consideration for full membership.

Veteran member, in good standing: A member who has completed their trial cycle in the Ubergroup and graduated to full membership, and is also up to date with all commitments in every way, and has no outstanding disagreements or probationary conditions placed upon them. This status indicates a proven track record of reliability and good attitude. This is the majority of members and a “standard” full membership, required to participate in most things.

Veteran member, not in good standing: A temporary status indicating a veteran member who has fallen behind on a critique obligation or is otherwise under a specific probationary restriction while correcting an issue. This member is temporarily unable to participate in some ways until their specific issue is resolved and they are returned to “good standing.”

Active: a standard status indicating a member is presently on a team and participating in both posting and critiquing normally, according to the agreements of the team.

Crit-only: a member who is not posting, but critting. Any member, trial or veteran, may go crit-only at any time without penalty and without warning. A member who completes all agreed critique obligations is in good standing whether or not they post.

Inactive: a member currently on hiatus from both posting and critiquing. If you are inactive but still affiliated with a team (such as during a short break from which you intend to return) you are considered a ‘reserve’  member of that team. If you are inactive and not affiliated with a team, you are considered ‘unaffiliated.’ Being granted reserve or unaffiliated status is a privilege and not a right, and only available to veteran members in good standing. The purpose of inactive statuses are for veteran members who have built social and personal relationships with others to be able to maintain contact in discussion threads even when taking a break from posting and/or critting. Inactive status of any form must be requested and granted in advance. Individual teams may require a reserve member to ‘catch up’ on reading missed chapters before rejoining the team as an active member.