If you were in an elevator with an agent or publisher who asked you what your book was about, what is the one catchy sentence you’d use to answer them? This is even shorter than a logline – it’s a teaser. Make it concise and vivid, piquing curiosity. There are a variety of formulas you can use, such as:

  • “It’s X meets Y”
  • “In a world where A, what happens when B?”

Elevator pitches are useful because it’s a way to answer the countless friends and family members who ask you what your book is about without launching into an awkward 30 minute “ummm…” fest. They are helpful for diagnostic purposes, as well, because your teammates will have an easier time helping you fix your story if they know what you’re attempting to write — which is one of the many reasons that when you apply to the Ubergroup, you must include an elevator pitch of some kind.