There is only one hard rule: Don’t be an a**hole. You may be political, be politically incorrect, swear like a sailor, discuss adult subjects, discuss the contents of critiques, or whatever you like as long as you are not spiteful or troll-like about it.

If you take any issue with another member, bring up it up to your captains, the mods, or me. We will do our best to handle it with kindness and discretion. 98% of issues are resolved without penalty. “Being an a**hole” is generally defined as continuing spiteful, non-constructive, or toxic behaviour after a juried evaluation and moderator request to change. Aggressive, rapid-fire trolling is subject to immediate removal without trial.

Almost all policies are flexible. The important part is spirit of the idea: work as hard as you can, communicate your needs clearly, and be respectful, considerate, and supportive. Almost anything else is possible within that, as long as you communicate.

Please turn off your likes.

If you need karma, post in the karma request thread.

To join the off-scrib contact list, contact Dawn Chapman.

Do not discuss Ubergroup critiques via PM. Not only is round-table critique discussion one of the best part of the Ubergroup, experience has shown us that most people turn to PM when they know they’re about to say something non-constructive. If someone PMs you a response to a critique, especially if it could in any way be perceived as arguing with or dismissing your perspective, notify a moderator immediately.

If someone PMs you a well-intended response, such as “Thanks! That was great. What do you think about…?” please remind them to get in the habit of discussing in thread so others can participate.

You are welcome and encouraged to PM about logistical critique issues such as “hey, will you read this instead?” or “sorry, hold off a day because I’m editing.” You are welcome and encouraged to use PM to notify your captain or a mod about the content of a critique, and to discuss if an official action (such as a team swap or correction of methods) needs to be taken. You are welcome to PM each other about any other topic besides directly responding to a critiquer about the content of their critique they gave you.

The Ubergroup is not a democracy. Officially, Jerry is the Tyrannical Uberlord of Everything. That being said, 99.98% of requests will be accommodated (switching teams, posting/critting at different rates, working or not working with other specific members, giving your team a goofy name, etc) so long as it is in the general spirit of improving as writers, good work ethic, and generally playing nice with each other. Jerry only reserves the final word for cases of indecision or needing to break up disagreements.