These focused workshops run for a single cycle and have a structured schedule with exercises that vary from simply exchanging critiques. Not every workshop runs every cycle, but members are encouraged to apply at any time, as this is how the workshop leader becomes aware of interest. You may apply directly to a workshop from outside the Ubergroup.

The Query Team is designed to mimic the submission process. An agent sees your query first, without any context. They usually ask for pages second (so if it doesn’t get good until after that cutoff, that’s a problem you have to fix!) and synopsis and outline, if at all, last. Twitter and elevator pitches generally come before queries, and the hardest thing about them is being clear to people who have no idea what your story is about, so we find they are most helpful before the cycle start, when everyone is “fresh eyes.” You may request non-mandatory crits on additional revised items in the team thread at any time, and submit revised items officially during the final weeks of the cycle. Your manuscript does not have to be complete, but at least the first three chapters must have been workshopped to submission standards. Contact Mildred Gable for more information.

The Blog Team is intended to help bloggers find their vision, find their niche, and find their motivation to blog consistently (once a week is recommended) while producing quality content. Members critique and comment on each other’s blog posts, and discuss search engine optimization, their about page, marketing, and more. It is geared specifically toward helping writers build a viable platform. Contact Dustin Fife for more information.

The Short Fiction Workshop is intended to expose short fiction writers to the industry side of traditional publishing. Study markets and optimize your odds with ideally targeted submissions. Get inside the heads of editors and slush readers to understand what is likely to be rejected. Gain an understanding of contracts and learn to verify the legitimacy of short fiction markets and protect yourself legally.

This workshop is intermediate level and not intended for people who are entirely new to short fiction. It does not focus on “how to write” in the format. It is for people who are moderately new to submitting short fiction (average one year or less) and wish to develop an insider perspective towards the publishing end. Those who have more than a year’s experience submitting aggressively to paying markets and/or experience slush reading will likely be familiar with the topics covered, but will still find it fun and and a good opportunity to compare notes and fill in any gaps.

Please specify in your application your background in traditional short fiction publishing: if you have worked as a slush reader or similar for any paying markets, how many works you’ve had published in paying markets, and how long you’ve been submitting. Experience is negotiable for exceptional applicants.

The Genre-Melting Team is intended to broaden the horizons of members. It operates at a demi-beta speed. Contact Donna Leahey for more information.